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22 May 2022

In February, the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association (NAAF) issued its first pollen warning of the 2022 season through its daily national pollen alert service.

Over 1 million Norwegians are allergic to pollen, resulting in ailments with pollen allergy costing society up to 10 billion Norwegian Krone (roughly 1 billion EUR) a year. Many of those affected have difficulty attending work and school and participating in other activities.

However, with the right arrangements and medication, pollen allergy can become more manageable, creating less challenges in everyday life. Therefore, NAAF kicked off the pollen season with a national awareness raising campaign.

Local teams stationed at pharmacies across the country offered advice to the public on how to best manage their pollen allergy including information on their established ‘pollen rules.’

Check out their website to learn how to better prepare for pollen season here.

Find their national pollen alert system here.