22 May 2022
Asthma , COPD
PREVENT, - Air Quality

In the Netherlands, almost 1 million people with lung disease suffer due to air pollution. 50,000 people ended up in hospital at least once in the past year, 12,000 have died prematurely from particulate matter or nitrogen dioxide, and nearly 6,000 Dutch children contracted asthma due to air pollution in 2019.

Research into the impact of air pollution was conducted by the research institute Nivel who found that:

  • More than 750,000 people with lung disease sometimes or very often suffer from wood burning
  • One in three patients take extra medication due to related complaints
  • Agriculture and livestock farming as well as road traffic also contribute to lung health problems for many

Notably, seven out of ten people surveyed with lung disease believe that their own municipality should do more to improve air quality.  In response, Longfonds urges all municipalities to take urgent action to address air pollution, especially in the areas of wood burning, emissions from biomass plants and intensive livestock farming.

Read their concrete suggestions here.