22 May 2022
United Kingdom
Asthma , COPD

Like many places in the world right now, living costs are rising sharply in the UK. This is particularly concerning for people with lung conditions who may end up needing to pay more for their prescriptions or for higher energy bills related to the use of medical devices. This concern is reflected in a 45% increase in calls to the Asthma + Lung helpline seeking financial advice.

Asthma + Lung UK has been campaigning alongside other charities as a member of the End Fuel Poverty Coalition, calling on the UK government to do more to ensure people with lung conditions are prioritised for additional financial support. They are also advocating for scrapping unfair prescription charges that prohibit nearly 57% of people with asthma in England from taking their medication as prescribed.

Alongside their advocacy work, they also offer practical guidance and resources on the increased costs of living to members and the public.

Find their guidance here.