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EFA has been selected to be member of the Alliance for Transformative Action on Climate and Health (ATACH), an initiative that aims to strengthen the engagement of WHO with stakeholders on climate-related matters. ATACH is meant to effectively serve as a voluntary network of views exchange, sharing information and technical/political cooperation among a diverse spectrum of stakeholders, ranging from (inter)governmental bodies to non-state actors.

Among others, ATACH will be mandated to deliver change on issues benefitted from collective action; support country-level monitoring of climate commitments; and enable sharing of expertise and technical assistance. EFA will follow the proceedings of two Working Groups in particular: on Climate Resilient Health Systems; and on Low Carbon Sustainable Health Systems.

EFA’s hope is that ATACH will have an important added value in how the international community deals with climate-related issues because it will further highlight the huge health burden associated with the climate risks and help embed them into the policy frameworks. In addition, it could pave the way for tighter collaboration among all relevant stakeholders on issues around the climate emergency, from better monitoring of the climate effects on health, to more robust preparedness and the sharing of best practices.  

More information on the ATACH initiative, including its Terms of Reference, can be accessed here.