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06 June 2024

This year’s #AtopicEczemaUnfiltered campaign will bring to the forefront the real experiences of people living with Atopic Eczema and shed light on the untold stories of Atopic Eczema patients. The international theme and toolkit have been co-created with EFA atopic eczema community and our international partners from GlobalSkin. Discover the materials and join us for the 7th annual action on World Atopic Eczema Day, 14 September 2024.

WAED 2024 main banner 1

Atopic eczema / atopic dermatitis is a common relapsing, chronic skin disease impacting people of different ages. The skin inflames, gets itchy and breaks, making it unbearable for patients and carers. However, the tendency to dismiss the disease as “just a rash” is still highly persistent in society.

Campaign Theme 2024: #AtopicEczemaUnfiltered

The Atopic Eczema Community comes together on September 14th to raise awareness for the disease, to speak up about the burden it has on patients and caregivers and to recognize the need for care and treatment that is reflective of the multidimensional nature of the disease. On World Atopic Eczema Day 2024, we are exploring #AtopicEczemaUnfiltered.

In a world where social media often presents a polished version of reality, the true challenges of living with chronic conditions like Atopic Eczema remain largely unseen and misunderstood. This campaign seeks to bring to the forefront the real experiences of those battling Atopic Eczema every day and will be dedicated to shedding light on the untold stories of Atopic Eczema patients.

Aside from the physical burden, atopic eczema may also have far-reaching effects on the patients’ self-image, their emotional and social interactions and the way that others in society respond to them. The ability to work and performance at work and school are often also affected. Understanding the burden of Atopic Eczema is critical for better care, disease management and information to improve patients’ lives.

How to join?

Together with our partners the International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations (GlobalSkin), EFA has developed the 2024 World Atopic Eczema Day Toolkit to help you participate effectively and amplify the message. In the toolkit, you will find:

Campaign Messaging: Tailored messages to raise awareness about the impact of atopic eczema, including physical, emotional, social, and financial burdens.

Hashtags: Use the hashtags #AtopicEczemaDay and #AtopicEczemaUnfiltered in your social media posts to amplify the campaign’s reach. EFA will be active on X, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Social Media Cards: The visuals and quotes from patients from all over the world portraying the five main burdens of atopic eczema in daily life, access to care, psycho-social, financial and general awareness.

Template Press Release to inform local media outlets about the campaign.

Template Support Letter to Healthcare Professionals: A sample letter to engage healthcare professionals, encouraging their participation and support.

Online Patient Advocacy Tips: Practical advice for effectively using social media to share your story and advocate for better care and understanding of the disease.

Learn more on the World Atopic Eczema Day campaign page.