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18 December 2019
Asthma , COPD, Allergy, Food Allergy, Other Diseases
- Air Quality, - Food Safety, - Inequalities, - Tobacco & Smoking, - Healthcare, - Medicines

In 2019, EFA launched the #ShowLeadership campaign to encourage relevant stakeholders – including patients and caregivers, healthcare professionals and policymakers – to take action and address the challenges faced by people living with allergies and airways diseases.

With 26 policymakers and 50 supporting organisations, the #ShowLeadership campaign has reached more than 260.000 people in 2019. EFA thanks all EFA members, policymakers and organisations supporting the campaign for their commitment. We invite you to keep engagement high and continue to #ShowLeadership for people living with allergies, asthma and COPD in Europe.

Public authorities don’t do enough to protect patients from risk factors

Data from our ACCESS Report shows that two-thirds of patients with asthma and COPD think public authorities are not doing enough to protect them from risk factors. With a new European Parliament in place and a new European Commission, we call on EU policymakers to act on reversing preventable allergies and respiratory diseases.

New EFA Roadmap keeps #ShowLeadership momentum going

To keep the #ShowLeadership momentum going, EFA has presented its new roadmap to patient safety, access to healthcare and eradicating inequalities in the European Parliament. The roadmap serves as a guidepost for patient organisations and policy makers to improve the situation for people living with allergies, asthma and COPD in Europe.

More information on the #ShowLeadership campaign can be found here.