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29 September 2021

In 2021, EFA is running a project to advance on the awareness and care gaps around atopic eczema and develop a Consensus on the burden of Atopic Eczema/Dermatitis for Patients. This project gathers 15 key opinion leaders from the atopic eczema community to build common ground, with final outcomes expected in October.

For too long, atopic eczema has not been regarded as a serious chronic disease in Europe. A key reason for this is that the burden of atopic eczema burden lacks a strong consensus from the healthcare community in Europe.

To fix this, EFA is facilitating a conversation between 15 key opinion leaders in the atopic eczema community to identify challenges faced by patients and find solutions and issue a Consensus document.

The first meeting took place on 28th April. In this meeting, the Consensus Committee members shared insights into the challenges faced in every aspect of patients’ lives driven by atopic eczema. These discussions covered many ways atopic eczema burdens patients, including stigma, the emotional and physical burden of atopic eczema, treatment, late diagnosis and the entirety of the patient journey. The Committee also explored the economic impact on patients.

The second, and final, meeting of the Committee will take place on 4th October. The Committee members will review the draft consensus report to arrive at proposed solutions to the identified challenges. The conclusion of the meeting, facilitated by EFA, will see the Committee members reach a clear consensus on the burden of atopic eczema, with the final aim to improve the quality of life for patients and their families across Europe.

Stay tuned for the official publications of the Atopic Eczema Consensus Report. 

For more information please visit the project page on our website.