World Atopic Eczema Day 2021: Unite for Atopic Eczema

Join us on World Atopic Eczema Day 2021! 

Download the World Atopic Eczema Day Communications Toolkit 2021 and get everything you need to support in making atopic eczema and its impact on patients better known and more understood.

In the toolkit you will find digital #AtopicEczemaDay materials to add your voice to the global social media campaign happening on September 14th.

Become part of the atopic eczema patient support network by using our ready-to-use digital toolkit to share your story. 

Let's #UniteForAtopicEczema!

Follow and use the #AtopicEczemaDay and #UniteforAtopicEczema hashtags to connect with the European and global patient community on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – we are looking forward to virtually meeting you there!

Leading up to September 14th, download the social cards below and use the suggested text to spread awareness about Atopic Eczema.


Click and drag each social post graphic to your desktop, and copy + paste the suggested text into your post.


Social Media Card

Suggested Text

Atopic eczema is more than just a skin condition; it is a systemic, multidimensional disease that affects the minds and bodies of people around the world.


We support atopic eczema patients and caregivers. Connect with us. [ADD MORE INFORMATION RELEVANT TO YOUR ORGANIZATION] #UniteForAtopicEczema #AtopicEczemaDay


Atopic eczema is more than itchy skin, it is a systemic, multidimensional disease that affects the minds and bodies of people around the world. #UniteForAtopicEczema #AtopicEczemaDay

A holistic treatment plan and corresponding guidance emerged as a top priority and challenge concerning diagnosis of and support for atopic eczema. A multidisciplinary approach to atopic eczema is needed to achieve holistic care for patients.


Patients live with atopic eczema most of their lives, they require a multidisciplinary plan to best manage their disease physically and mentally. #UniteForAtopicEczema #AtopicEczemaDay

Primary care is often unconnected with specialty care and ill-equipped to manage the full needs of atopic eczema treatment, causing patients and caregivers to consult with many different health care providers.


We call on healthcare professionals to unite with atopic eczema patients, embrace their needs, and deliver patient-centred care. #UniteForAtopicEczema #AtopicEczemaDay

Too many patients and caregivers, especially in low-to-middle-income countries, do not have access to basic services and primary care. Patients and caregivers have to pay out of pocket for basic treatment prescribed by a medical professional.


We need access to care for all atopic eczema patients. Even basic treatment for atopic eczema is unaffordable for too many people. #UniteForAtopicEczema #AtopicEczemaDay



What you will find in the WAED 2021 Communications Toolkit

  • Campaign details and background information on the day
  • Ready-to-use social media materials and messages
  • Scientific data about atopic eczema in Europe

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