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World Atopic Eczema Day


Atopical Lives - Portraits of atopic eczema patients from all over Europe  Logo color

Atopic eczema (also known as atopic dermatitis) is much more than a skin disease, it affects the whole body of patients, their life and mental health.

The #AtopicalLives exhibition is an EFA project featuring real people affected by atopic eczema of different age groups, portraying for the first time the similarities and differences among patients in Europe. 

New Video Series

EFA releases new video series to complete the Atopical Lives photo exhibition. The videos feature the daily lives of child and adult patients living with atopic eczema in Europe – Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Türkiye. Watch the videos on #AtopicalLives online portrait exhibition and share with your community! The video series brings two new episodes:

Atopical Lives: Under the skin you see

An endless race to find a balance between the constraints of your illness and the will to live to the fullest. Watch these atopic eczema patients on top of their lives, under the skin you see.

Watch these atopic eczema patients on top of their lives in English, Slovenian, Serbian and Turkish.

Atopical Lives: Skin in the game

Daily treatments and family: children with atopic eczema learn early the importance of discipline to be healthy and play, skin in the game.

Watch it in English, Spanish and Turkish.

We thank wholeheartedly the people who appear in these pictures and videos. To see them is to see oneself, and patients receive the most powerful message: you are not alone. Thanks to Lurdes R. Basolí, for her sensitivity and her talented eye to capture the beauty of life.

This project has been possible thanks to unrestricted educational grants from EFA Sustainable Corporate Funding Partners AbbVie and Sanofi/Regeneron.



Skin in the Game - Patient podcasts about atopic eczema

 Atopic eczema severely impacts the life of patients and their family members. In our Skin in the Game podcast series, we provide deep and personal insights into what living with atopic eczema actually means for those affected. Thank you to our testimonies from the Netherlands and Finland for sharing your stories.

A life with a skin disease

Could you imagine spending most of your childhood living in a hospital? In this episode a 62 year old woman from the Netherlands speaks freely about her life with atopic eczema. Listen to her story about living with constant itching, and describing the care she needs, and how this skin disease impacts her relationships, jobs and hobbies

Caring for atopic eczema

When a child has atopic eczema, it impacts the whole family. In this episode, a mother from Finland tells the story of her 13-year-old daughter. A loveable kid who enjoys school, but every day she has to deal with constant itching due to her atopic eczema. It makes her self-conscious and she often misses out on normal kid activities. This episode shows how her family finds ways to support her in life with atopic eczema